Key Acount Management Promoenlace. Promotoría, Promotoria autoservicios, Demostradoras, Promotoras.

Sales Representation

Competitive advantage

Large consumer goods companies have found that having a professional Key Account Management team has become an essential competitive advantage in the retail industry.

High specialization

KAM teams have robust structures and require a highly specialized profile which often makes it unaffordable for small-medium sized and/or foreign companies to establish a business in Mexico.

Convenient and accessible

Promoenlace provides access to a team of KAM mexican Retail professionals, specializing in serving unique brands, which makes the process very convenient and accessible.

Commercial representation structure

Per the representation agreement, Promoenlace charges a percentage of sales with key accounts managed.


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Promoenlace. Promotoría, Promotoria autoservicios, Demostradoras, Promotoras